Alaska Council of Teachers of Mathematics



Contact: Bob Williams, President

February 18, 2012

Release Date: For Immediate Release

Jacinta Matthias Recognized for Mathematical Achievement

by Alaska Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Jacinta Matthias, a senior of Kotlik , has been named a 2013 Rural Alaskan Student of Mathematical Excellence by the Alaska Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Jacinta distinguished herself in the Lower Yukon School District by her mathematical achievement on the state grade level and high school graduation math assessments, her strong work ethic, and high quality math and science fair projects. Jacinta loves sleuthing and compared it with her enthusiasm for math, “I love solving mysteries. Each math equation is like a mystery.” However, she isn’t satisfied with just earning high school credits; Jacinta has also earned college credits for two courses through the Rural Alaska Honors Institute summer programs with the University of Alaska.

Jacinta shares her enthusiasm and mathematical expertise when she tutors younger students and creates exceptional math and science fair projects. Gerald Earley, Kotlik principal, enthusiastically stated, “Jacinta stands out not only for her achievements but as such a strong role model and example for younger female students in the school. Her willingness to assist and help younger students in their studies is one of many examples where she helps others.”

Being a leader on several sports and academic teams also contributes to Jacinta’s influence in her community. Superintendent Alex Russin stated, “We are proud of Jacinta and she is an example of how our district works hard to help each student recognize their potential to accomplish great things.” He added, “We congratulate Ms. Matthias for her hard work and dedication to her studies, as well as to her commitment to serve as a leader and role model, not only in Kotlik, but as a representative of the Lower Yukon School District.”

The Alaska Council of Teachers of Mathematics is committed to recognizing rural Alaskan students who have excelled in mathematics.