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General Interest:

    • The Math Forum has resources for students and teachers alike. You can find almost anything mathematical on this site.
    • Illuminations includes online math investigations, reflections on teaching, internet-based lesson plans, and a searchable interactive version of the NCTM standards.
    • PBS Teachersource contains numerous lessons that are linked to PBS programs, but many of the lessons can be done without the program component.
    • OpenCurriculum Common Core Mathematics Library provides links to K-12 open-source content from a variety of providers, searchable by grade and Common Core standard.
    • Illustrative Mathematics provides K=12 instructional and assessment tasks, lesson plans, and other resources organized by Common Core standards and progressions.
    • The Mathematics Assessment Project provides classroom lessons, summative assessments, and professional development, for grades 6-12 with the goal of helping teachers "bring the Common Core State Standards (CCSSM) to life."
    • Inside Mathematics has K-12 lessons, problems, and assessment tasks.
    • CCSS Math Activities is a site by teacher-consultants which includes a well-organized collection of free Common Core math curriculum and activities, performance tasks, and test preparation resources, especially for K-8 grades.
    • K-5 Math Teaching Resources has a Common-Core-aligned collection of free resources, math games, and hands-on math activities.
    • SMILE Program Mathematics Index (200 lessons)
    • Mathalicious 6-12 lessons explore the math behind real-world topics. (Most Mathalicious lessons require a paid subscription; this link points to the free ones.)

Various math puzzles and problem types:

    • Chuck Peterson's Problem Solving Page has problems for all levels, sorted by suggested solving strategies.
    • ​AIMS Puzzle Corner
    • NRICH is a British site with problems for students of all K-12 grades, especially involving numbers, logic, or geometry. (Their “primary” is our elementary.)
    • Visual Patterns and SolveMe Puzzles both build and support algebraic thinking with interesting puzzles.
    • Open Middle has problems with multiple solution paths (often optimization problems), sorted by grade and Common Core standard area.
    • Which One Doesn’t Belong?
    • Estimation180 helps students improve number sense and problem solving skills.
    • Brilliant has a variety of math and science problems of different levels (probably best for high school), some free.
    • Mathematical Association of America Curriculum Inspirations has challenging problems for middle school level and up, along with teacher guides to promote problem solving.
    • YouCubed Tasks and Week of Inspirational Math provide number sense, pattern recognition, and other problems designed to be solvable with a variety of methods by students of a wide range of ages.
    • 1001 Math Problems has charming puzzles that prompt deep mathematical thinking without generally requiring much specialized content knowledge.
    • MathTODAY has teamed with Texas Instruments to provide math lessons that integrate technology. It is based on USA TODAY’ articles and signature graphic Snapshots and infographs.
    • Brain Teasers is sponsored by the Houghton Mifflin Company. Each week a new brain teaser is posted along with the previous week’s question and answer.
    • introduces younger students to the fundamentals of money and banking.

Online Tools for Mathematics:

    • Desmos is a free graphing calculator (and activity building site) available through web browsers or as an app. Oregon state math assessments will use Desmos starting with the 2016=17 school year.
    • WolframAlpha is a free “computational knowledge engine."
    • GeoGebra mathematics software handles functions, geometry, algebra, calculus, statistics, and 3-D math.

Various sources for professional development materials and mathematics education research: