The enjoyment that the youth experience in the Junior Forest Warden program can still be had as an adult! Whether you have a child enrolled in the program, or if you just have an interest in the outdoors and education, there are many great ways to get involved as a volunteer in JFW’s.

Participating to the degree you feel comfortable with, you could register with a local club as a resource person offering specific skills for the program, fulfill a supervisory role, or become a full time group leader working on all aspects of the club initiatives.

Further to that, you may be interested in committee work or involvement with the Board of Directors at either your local, district, regional or provincial level. There are many exciting and rewarding ways to contribute to the betterment of youth in the Junior Forest Warden program.

If interested, contact us via your local club representative, or through the AJFWA Board and ask what you can do!

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