Wearing the JFW Uniform

The “Red Shirt” JFW Uniform, along with its crest is the most recognizable symbol of the Junior Forest Warden program. It was developed and first worn in 1935 to define and identify the program and its members in British Columbia. As the program grew to other provinces in Canada, the JFW uniform became national attire. Junior Forest Wardens in all provinces wear the same uniform with the exception if their provincial identification badge worn on the left chest pocket.

The Uniform can and should be worn at all JFW events, and in addition, it can also be worn on fitting occasions where membership is being acknowledged and/or promoted. Examples are: JFW Conferences, meetings, District / Region / Provincial / National Camps, Parades, JFW Fundraising functions, Trade Fairs and Remembrance Day ceremonies.

All Junior Forest Wardens and Leaders should have a Uniform, worn with the minimum appointments for their level:

Warden: Provincial ID, Bronze Badge, White lanyard over left shoulder

Leader: Provincial ID, Silver Badge, Leader’s crest, designated Lanyard and epaulet stripes


  • Green: Club Coordinator, Group Leaders and Assistants
  • Green and Gold: Council members at Club, District and Regional levels
  • Gold and White: Directors and Officers of the Provincial Board
  • Gold: Chief Warden and Assistant Chief Warden
  • Blue: Alumni Association Members

Epaulet Strips:

  • Green (single): Club Coordinators and Leaders
  • Green and Gold (single): Club Councillor
  • Green and Gold (two): District Council member
  • Green and Gold (three): Regional Council member
  • Green and Gold (four): Director - Provincial Board

Maple Leaf

  • Maple Leaf (one): Assistant Chief Warden
  • Maple Leaf (two): Provincial Chief Warden
  • Maple Leaf (three): Deputy National Chief Warden
  • Maple Leaf (four): National Chief Warden (Chief Warden of Canada)

For a complete reference of how to properly place your earned badges on your uniform, please review the JFW Operations Manual for illustrations and supporting text.