2018 Summer Outreach

Summer Outreach 2018 July 18 - 22, 2018, Nordegg

Combination trip, something we haven't offered in 8 years! Several unique experiences offered: a Via Ferrata (climbing a mountain), visit Ya-Ha-Tinda Ranch (historical significance to the National Parks) with the opportunity to play in the natural water slides on Scalp Creek, a trail ride and river rafting in the Ram River area, and instruction on fly fishing, hunting ethics and trip planning. Cost NOW ONLY $120 PP for 5 days, which includes camping, food, activities, gas and transportation (by carpooling)!

This program is open to all AC wardens, leaders, adults and alumni from across the provinces! Five days of fun, skill building and education to promote a love of our natural environment. Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn't it!!?!! Limited room, only 20 participants, so act fast!!

These activities will take place in the Nordegg and Forestry Trunk Road areas, random camping. There are lots of opportunities for the volunteer leaders to instruct youth in areas of conservation, wildlife education and basic survival skills as well as how to implement a large outdoor program. This is an area of significance for indigenous peoples and provides the opportunities for discussions in that regard. The Kootenay Plains area of the David Thompson was often referred to as Canada’s Serengeti. As this is a huge hunting, fishing and recreation area. The participants will glean an understanding the importance of this area and why it needs to be conserved for future generations.

The Ya-Ha Tinda Ranch is privately owned and managed by Parks Canada. Historically the park wintered and trained their horses here for patrolling the park areas. It is a major winter range for about 1,000 elk wintering in the area as it has a very unique ecosystem that provides mild winters.

Itinerary will be provided to all accepted participants.

For more information, contact Roger at roger.madaire@ajfwa.ca (403-869-1941) or Brett at brett.schonekess@ajfwa.ca.