2019 A/C Conference

Project funder

April 5 - 7, 2019 - Camp Alexo, Nordegg, Alberta

Gather with old friends and new, gain new skills and experiences. We will have the graduation ceremony for our parting wardens so be sure to get your forms in. Once again, we will be having the famous Costume Dance. Time to bring out the cameras; dig up your sharpest dud’s and get ready for a funky weekend with the theme…

The 1940’s – 50’s


      • Wardens get first available spots. Parents are limited to chaperones only.
      • There must be one leader/parent chaperone registered for each group of 4 or 5 wardens attending from the same club.
      • To attend you must be a registered member in good standing with a current JFW club in good standing.
      • Everyone (Wardens, parents & leaders) must register and pay the registration fee.
      • Please do not bring children who are not Adventurers or Challengers.
      • Sessions are for Wardens only.
      • There is no formal programming for the adults. Networking is encouraged during free time.
      • We will be assigning “cabin parents” to supervise each sleeping cabin.
      • Don’t forget your red uniform shirt for Saturday night meal. Red Shirts Eat First!
      • There will be a set of rules for everyone to follow; make sure you understand them and tick the “I understand and consent” box when registering online.


      • We have less bed space at Camp Alexo than at our previous location but have worked with the camp manager to make extra room to accommodate more Wardens. However, to do so, some attendees may need to sleep in wall tents or on mattresses on the floor provided by the camp. You will be asked during registration if you are willing to sleep in these alternative accommodations. Your willingness to be flexible is appreciated!
      • Camp Alexo is built on a hill, so be prepared for some cardio going from place to place.
      • Headlamps/flashlights are a must to find your way in the dark.
      • Our intrepid AJFWA President will be cooking the meals. Adults will be asked to sign up for kitchen duty (prepping meals, serving and clean up).
      • Each group travelling to camp is asked to bring 2 dozen cookies or squares.
      • Camp Alexo is NOT a Nut free and Sunflower seed free facility.
      • There is no Friday night pizza, only a snack and juice. Please make sure you eat supper before you arrive.


COST: $90 (includes T-shirt)

As per AJFWA policy, payment is on-line by PayPal (credit card) at the time of registration, or mailed club cheque, or by e-transfer. These are the only forms of payment accepted. Club cheques are made payable to AJFWA. Your spot is confirmed only when full payment has been received. Payment must be made and received prior to the event or you will not be allowed to attend.



PO Box 78044, Heritage RPO 383 Heritage Drive SE

Calgary, AB T2H 1M8

      • or e-transfers can be sent to Treasurer@ajfwa.ca using the password: ????


If you have to cancel, contact Treva or Ingrid ASAP.

      • If you cancel before March 8, there is a 10% non-refundable fee.
      • If you cancel after March 8, registration is 100% non-refundable.
      • In the unlikely event that the organizers have to cancel the event full refunds will be given

Questions? Contact Treva at trevap65@gmail.com or Ingrid at ishepherd@telus.net. Hope to see you there!


      • Clothing to keep you warm and dry (could be raining, could be snowing!)
      • Red JFW uniform shirt
      • Appropriate footwear for the weather conditions boots and/or track shoes
      • Indoor shoes
      • Sleeping bag and pillow (mattresses provided)
      • Personal toiletries, towel & washcloth
      • Flashlight/headlight
      • Day pack
      • Costume for dance
      • Water bottle (labelled) so we don’t use so many disposable cups at the Dance!!!!!
      • Survival kit (optional)
      • Camera (optional)


      • No food in cabins (no food = no mice) and no personal items to be left in the washrooms.
      • You must be at the session you are assigned to when you are supposed to be there.
      • No illegal drugs, alcohol, smoking or inappropriate display of sexual attention or activity.
      • No pets allowed.
      • Stay within the designated area.
      • Wardens who drive themselves must turn their keys into Treva or Ingrid.
      • Do not leave camp without getting permission from Treva or Ingrid.
      • Do not bring anything you are not willing to lose (iPod’s, cell phones, etc.)
      • There is to be no texting nor use of cell phones after curfew or during sessions. Otherwise, your cell phone will be confiscated and not returned until Sunday afternoon departure.
      • Lights out and QUIET: Friday night at 11:30; Saturday night at 12:30. Anyone breaking curfew will get up early and help make breakfast.
      • Do set a fine example of respecting the property and staff of Camp Alexo.

Conference Committee

Here are the hard-working Wardens who planned and organized this year's event.


Rayelle Cooper (Chair)

Club: Rocky Rams

Years in JFW: 8

Why I want to be part of this: I had so much fun with it last year! It was a great experience and I love being part of the planning committee for events such as this one.

Jenna Van De Veire

Club: Red Deer Woodchucks

Years in JFW: 8

Why I want to be part of this: I think it would be a great way for me to play a stronger leadership role and I also feel like it would be a great learning experience to work with other Wardens. I have many ideas and would like to make this A.C. completely epic for all Wardens.

Christopher Coates

Club: Rocky Rams

Years in JFW: 5

Why I want to be part of this: I enjoyed being a part of it last year

Bryana Madaire

Club: Calgary Black Bears

Years in JFW: 14

Why I want to be part of this: I would like to have a more active part in ac conference because it would be great to participate in as much as I can before it’s too late.

Riley Madaire

Club: Calgary Black Bears

Years in JFW: 14

Why I want to be part of this: AC Conference is my favourite camp of the year and I wanted to input my ideas and make sure for the years to come it's everyone else's favourite part of their JFW year.


Laura Gillis (Chair)

Club: Rocky Rams

Years in JFW: 9

Why I want to be part of this: I enjoy participating in planning for AC conference because I like working with other ACs

Veronica Gillis

Club: Rocky Rams

Years in JFW: 9

Why I want to be part of this: Last time I was on the committee I enjoyed it. It is a fun way to meet new people and volunteer.

Lindsay Henderson

Club: Calgary Black Bears

Years in JFW: 9

Why I want to be part of this: I think that it will be a different experience from regularly and I enjoy planning events.

Site & Security

William Gordon (Chair)

Club: Calgary Eagles

Years in JFW: 9

Why I want to be part of this: I want to be a strong role model for future committees as this is my last year as a warden and I want to make a lasting impact wherever I can.

Tyra Schonekess

Club: Bragg Creek Bald Eagles

Years in JFW: 7

Why I want to be part of this: Because I would like to help coordinate and plan events for it to be a good JFW camp!

Sydney Sefton

Club: Airdrie Hawks

Years in JFW: 4

Why I want to be part of this: I really love to plan things and I think that I can bring some good ideas for how to make the conference run smoothly. I know what Alexo is like and have a fair idea of what you can do there.

Luc Gamache

Club: Calgary Eagles

Years in JFW: 6

Why I want to be part of this: This is my last year in jfw and I love helping out organizing and makings things fun !

Entertainment & Communication

Zoe Thompson (Chair)

Club: Red Deer Woodchucks

Years in JFW: 12

Why I want to be part of this: I’ve had so much fun the past years so this year I wanted to help.

Myah Henderson

Club: Calgary Black Bears

Years in JFW: 9

Why I want to be part of this: I would love to be a part of the planning and to have a bit of inside information about the camp.