8th grade graduation and 5th grade promotion

Written by: Alexandra Jiampietro, School News

This year, there has been a lot going on. The Coronavirus has impacted the lives of everyone in the world by making us quarantine and social distance. However, technology has brought us this far where we can learn or almost do anything through it. If it wasn’t as advanced as it is now, we may not have the opportunity to continue learning or hold our graduation celebrations.

At Austin International School, we had two major events planned. The fifth graders promotion and the first ever 8th grader graduation. Due to Covid-19 the ceremonies planned for these events won’t be the same as usual. They will be virtual. The CM2’s promotion will be on Friday 19 at 4:00 pm and the 4e graduation will take place on Monday at 4:00 pm. Even though this was not how we expected the graduations to go, it will still be very exciting and memorable moments.

Although countless schools are shut down and major school events are cancelled, children are doing online learning and schools and communities are holding end of the year celebrations, such as proms and graduations virtually. Numerous people are very upset and despondent. Despite that, there is not much that we can alter. Imagine how the highschoolers and college graduates feel. This is happening to everyone, everyone is going through this.

Back to the AIS promotion and graduation ceremonies. Teachers, Ms. Emily, and Monsieur Jacques surprised the 5th graders and 8th graders with yard signs, and graduation gowns! (You can look at the Friday Flash to see the photos). Since they couldn’t celebrate in person, they came to the students’ house and surprised them! Also, the 7th graders made a booklet that contained a note for each 8th graders. All the students were very thankful, content, and surprised to see their teachers.

Even though there is pandemic, this won’t stop us from celebrating our graduations. Whether it’s just with family or a huge party, we are still celebrating the same thing, students' accomplishments.


Top 10 Things to Do This Summer

Written by: Caroline Carper

Crash Course to Music Production

Written by: Declan Connor

What do you see first?

presented by: Alexandra Hernandez

What has Austin been doing to pass the time during the era of Covid-19?

written by: Joaquin

Due to the current events happening around the world, people have to come up with creative

ways to have fun, do activities, and experience life. These activities can be found all over social media and even the news.

Many of these trends are put onto social media sites such as Tiktok, Facebook, and Reddit. All of these activities are indoors or in people’s backyards. People had to get very creative with these new ways to entertain one another. For example, on the social media site known as Reddit many people have been doing cool ping pong tricks. A user with the name @scottryan is having fun trying to find the most interesting ways to make a ping pong ball bounce from pans into a cup.

One of the more noticeable activities is watching movies, or binging Netflix series. Netflix has about 70 million users just in America. And tons of shows that increase and decrease in popularity by the day. Netflix has a top ten list of most popular shows.

This list changes almost daily which shows us that people watch a lot of Netflix. According to Netflix users have an average of 2 hours of watchtime.

With this new quarantine that seems like a burden for some people, many positive things have come out of this situation. For example, families are now spending a lot more time together by doing certain activities. People have been taking walks, watching series together, and enjoying family dinners. While these times may have separated friends and schools, it has brought together family. According to a survey conducted by MumsPoll, 4 out of 5 moms spend more time with their families. And according to families have been feeling a sense of bonding together.

In conclusion, this quarantine, however strange as it may be, it has brought families together in ways we never saw coming.


How businesses, people, and the global economy have/will been affected by COVID-19.

Written by: Simon

Over the past few months, our world has been undergoing an unprecedented pandemic, which has affected many businesses and lives. According to CIDRAP (Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy) so far COVID19 has been the cause of over 20.6 million job losses since March, which has resulted in an unemployment rate of 14.7%, a level not seen since the Great Depression in the 1930s.

According to, above-average unemployment usually means that the economy is operating inefficiently. Subsequently, this will usually cause lower output and incomes. This happens because the unemployed are not able to purchase fewer things, therefore contributing to lower spending and lower output.

Jesse Rothstein, director of Berkeley’s Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE), said “We’re definitely headed to something much deeper than the Great Recession, and comparable to the Great Depression in depth,” this means that we will have to expect worse results as the virus continues. It also means that we have to come together as a nation to support each other.

On the other hand, there has been a substantial number of companies that are thriving during these times. Some companies that were having trouble grow financially, are now flourishing because of this pandemic. These companies are big box stores, grocers, delivery services, computer manufacturers, mask companies, and video streaming services.

The effects of the pandemic have also given individuals and organizations chances to help out fellow citizens. According to, they have raised over 120 million dollars in emergency funding through their COVID-19 response fund. The United States government has managed to help out those in need by sending out a total of 218 billion USD in stimulus checks. Individuals can expect to receive up to $1000, and families can expect to receive up to $3000. Moreover, many people have come together and contributed to help neighbors and/or friends in need. For example, many people are helping their elderly neighbors by going grocery shopping for them. Most Americans are helping by respecting social distancing rules. Organizations have been very diligent when it comes to keeping everything sanitary, and clean. Doctors and nurses have worked extra hours to help those infected with the virus.

In conclusion, I think that all this chaos gave everyone an opportunity to help each other out, and it has given some companies opportunities to grow and make profits.


Written by: Cameron Carper and Aubrey McDougal
Written by: Alfred