Elementary Remote Learning

Scheduling Details

  • Flexibility in duration of subject/class blocks; e.g. classes may not need to be 45 minutes long
  • PS/PK - 2 hours a day
  • Grades K-4 - 3 hours a day: Follow condensed days of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with flexibility to accommodate instructional decisions.
    • Literacy and Math daily
    • Science/Social Studies as determined by team
    • World Language - every other day, with “practice work” in between
  • Performing Arts, PE, Library and Art are presented on Wednesday Spotlight on Specials

Additional Support

We have additional support from the following individuals:

ES Counselor

The Counselor will be available to support the social and emotional wellbeing of all students. The Counselor will also support teachers in developing wellness activities for students.


The Librarian will join class Seesaw and Google class accounts to support and connect with students. The librarian will also be a part of grade level team meetings, supporting teachers with online resources.

Learning Support Teachers

The Elementary Support Services Team will participate in grade level team meetings and continue to consult with homeroom teachers. They will continue to support identified students by adding accommodations and sometimes modifying the online learning experience. They will provide parents (caretakers) with specific tasks and lesson plans that will address the student's specific learning and English acquisition needs.

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants will offer feedback to students online, and continue to reach out and build relationships online (written, video or voice recordings).

Information webinars

AISL runs virtual meetings and information sessions for the parent community.

Elementary School Priorities & Consideration

  • The primary tools for communication between teachers and families will be through weekly newsletters and within the learning platforms, Seesaw (Grades PS-2nd) and Google Classroom (Grades 3-4) where daily and weekly expectations and work will be posted. For live, synchronous video conferences, Google Meet and/or Zoom will be used. Access links will be provided in advance via email or within the documentation uploaded to the learning platform for all students/parents.
  • Within the remote learning program, teachers will design teaching and learning based on developing the knowledge, skills and understandings aligned to the AISL standards-based curriculum. Learning engagements and activities will be varied and allow learners to engage in both hands-on and digital tasks that reinforce and extend their ability to apply and transfer the standards.
  • The focus of the AISL remote learning program for the early childhood and elementary years reflects the same commitment to providing a holistic curriculum that aims to develop each of our student's cognitive, physical and social-emotional knowledge and skills. Daily lessons and tasks are provided for reading, writing and mathematics. Three sessions of world language classes are provided within the course of a week. The specialist classes of art, performing arts, physical education offer daily choice boards as well as weekly instruction. Weekly counseling classes are offered to all of our students as part of our social-emotional learning program. Sessions for students requiring learning support or English language services will be continue to be offered.
  • Teachers will provide schedules, instructional videos and task directions to students within the learning platforms. Additional instruction may be offered in synchronous sessions. These will be clearly crafted to ensure that students and parents, as necessary, are able to clearly follow through with task completion and student support. It is expected that students in grades PS -2 will need higher levels of support than those in grades 3-4.