Science Fair 2019 Grade 9

Ms.Ortiz's and Ms.Luna's classes

On March 7th, 2019 Grade 9 students presented their Energy Transformations projects at the AIS STEM Fair. For several weeks, students learnt about Work, Energy, Power and Energy transformation and they came up with an invention/prototype that shows one form of energy being converted into another one.

Please see below for the results. Click on the group pictures to access individual websites for each project where students show their planning process, their research paper and their final invention.

Grade 9 students, your Science teachers are very proud of all the work you have done during Quarter 3.

Project 1: Hydropower & contact area

Which contact area in 20mm (the most inner part of turbines), 30mm (the central part of turbines), and 50mm (the most outer part of turbines) away from the core of the generator best produce energy?

Doll, Uyen, Mike P

Project 2: The use of electrical and mechanical energy

How do the length of a DIY vacuum cleaner, the pen cane it in, and the thickness of its fan, affect its effectiveness?

Ben, Michael, Victoria, Minh Tu

Project 3: Electricity From Walking

In this project, we had created a generator that that provides electricity when pressure is applied. Find out more!names here

Dai, Mark, Bobby

How can bacteria produce electricity using chemical energy?

Mike, Harry, Jonathan, Kijae

How does different types of beans produce different amount of biomass?

Mai, Jessica, Riley


Making a hand vacuum completely out of recycled material with rechargable batteries!

John Nguyen, Brad Le, Daisy Cung, Christine Huynh

Project 7

How can mechanical and magnetic energy be used in order to generate electricity and produce light?

Leah, Lyna, Nhi, Vy

Project 8

How do we find an alternative to expensive hydro-electricity?

Nhat, Tommy, Bill

Project 9

How can we use wasted water effectively and generate electricity?

Peter, Bob, Agassi, Jack

Projects 10 to 19

Project 10: Thermoelectricity

How can we convert heat into energy

James, Ben, Dat

How can water vapour be transferred into movement/kinetic energy without electricity?

Sammy, Ngan, An, Johnny

How well can lemons, potatoes, and tomatoes conduct electricity to light up an LED light?

Reinie, Hannah, and Alanah

How do different solar array tilt angles affect the output of a solar powered water pump?

Nat Nguyen, Naomi Pham, Jason Tran, Helen Phi

Project 14

We built a car that use solar energy for it to move.

Jenny, Nu, Dashka, Viet

Project 15

Rubber Band Cars

The relationship between Potential Elastic Energy and Kinetic energy and how it is converted!

Kenny, Miki, Johnny, and Tyler

Project 16

How does different numbers of blade on a propeller on a wind turbine affect the wind turbine's energy output?

Tony, John B, Henry, Nick

Project 17

How does the height of falling water affect the energy production of the hydroelectric generator?

Thanh, Holly, Katrina, Chloe

Project 18

Creating Hydro-Electricity!

How to create a portable hydro electric generator!

Khoi, Sam, An, Mac

Project 19

How well does Hydrogen Peroxide Sun-Bleaching actually work on organic fabric stains?

Nghi, Jannie, Diana, Catherine