Science Fair 2019 - Grade 8

Project 1

Rube Goldburg

Team: MiNT

By Minh.H, Thy, Nghi

Block A - Minh.H, Thy, Nghi Rube goldberg logbook

Project 2


Jenny, Dong, Benny, & Anh

Rube goldberg - Jenny, Dong, Benny, Anh 2019

Project 3

Team: JATH :')

Thang, Annie, Jack T, Henry N

block A - annie, jack, thang, henry

Project 4


Hannah, Phillip O, Vicky, Nathan

Block A Rube gold berg "We Cute? Muah" Team- Team 4

Project 5

Team Honey Noooo

By:Bruce, Tim, Jason, Kylie

Block A: Group: Honey No(Tim,Jason,Bruce,Kylie) - Rube oldberg logbook template

Project 6

Team: Những chiến binh cộng sản

By: Kevin, Charlie, Vinh P, Alex

Block A- Rube goldberg logbook (Kevin, Vinh P, Charlie, Alex)

Project 7


Andy, Minnie, Thai, Steven

Block H - Thai, Minnie, Andy, Steven

Project 8


Kea, John, Sean, Anne

Copy of Copy of Sean, John, Anne, and Kea - Rube goldberg LOGBOOK

Project 9


Laura, Erika, Henry, Nick

H block team science - Laura, Erika, Henry, Nick

Projects 10 to 18

Project 10 -

Team: The Power Puff Girls

Katie, Linh, Justin, Danny

Copy of Katie, Linh, Danny, Justin (Block H) - Rube goldberg logbook

Project 11 -

Team: Bé Lê Văn Đạt

Kenny P, Tony, Alan, Phillip

Rube Goldberg Log Book Team(Be Le Van Dat) Block H / Tony, Kenny, Alan, Phillip

Project 12 -

Hit or Miss

Connie, Han, Denise, Ben

Block H: Connie, Han, Denise, Ben - Rube goldberg logbook template
Rube Goldberg's Video.mp4

Project 13

Team: Y-3 and someone

Julie, Harry T, Troy, Huy

Block E- Julie Y3- Harry T; Huy; Troy; Julie .

Project 14

Team: KennictoriKhanh

Victoria, Khanh, Kenny

Block E - Kenny.N, Anna, Victoria

Project 15

Team: SMNM

Maria, Sue, Nicole, Minh N.

Block: E Nicole Maria, Sue, Nicole, Minh N

Project 16

Team: Better than group 3

Tai, Ben T., Tony, Tom D.

Block E, Ben, Tai, Tom, Tony

Project 17

Team: Cong Vinh

Harry N, Simon, Cindy, Jack

Block E, CongVinh, Jack, HarryN, Simon, Cindy - Rube goldberg logbook

Project 18

Team: FnS

Bella, Vivienne, Nick

Bella, Vivienne, Nick- Block E - Rube goldberg logbook template

Projects 19 to 24

Project 19

Nancy , Molly , Vinh D and Trinh

Block F - Nancy, Molly, Vinh D, Trinh

Project 20

Team: Rayleigh

Peter, Sarah, Marky, Max

Block F- Peter, Marky, Max, Sarah

Project 21

Team: Failing Alert

Chip, Bean, Henry Shih, Tan

F Block Chip, Tan, Bean, Henry.S

Project 22

Team: The Delegates

Tom L, Jessica Thy, Jenny L, Khoa

Block F: Team The Delegates-Jessica Thy, Jenny, Khoa, Tom L - Rube goldberg logbook template

Dream Team

Julia, Phuc, Jessica, James

Copy of Block F - Dream Team - Jessica, Phuc, James, Julia - Rube Goldberg Logbook

Project 24

Solo with Bolero

Ellie, Hung, Luke, Hung

Block F - Solo with Bolero - Luke, Jacky, Ellie, Hung

Divider - below just saved examples.

Catapult's Physics

Want to transport something up high and able to predict its destination? Or something that can rewrite historical warfare theories? My experiments will show it all.

Tom (G)

Project 32

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, odio inciderint ea mei. At duo alii ignota adipiscing, nam ut veniam homero corrumpit. Eam graeci eligendi dissentiet.

Even, Less, Creativity

Project 30

Et harum quidem rerum facilis est et expedita distinctio. Nam libero tempore, cum soluta nobis est eligendi optio maxime placeat facere possimus.

InFinding, Good, Names

Dark Green

This is a project.

Alex, Barbara, Chris


Warum sollte man ein weinrotes Buch lesen? Ich verstehe es nicht.

Dirk, Esther, Frank


Aber die Blume ist schön grün. Kein Grund zu ärgern oder nörgeln. Warum auch? Ärger macht alt.

Georg, Heidi, Inge

Project 6

Team: Những chiến binh Cộng Sản

names: Charlie, Vinh, Kevin, Alex

Theme: Vietnam

Block A- Rube goldberg logbook (Kevin, Vinh P, Charlie, Alex)