Sciencefair 2019 - Grade 10

Pasta Rocket

Pastas are not just for eating, pastas are more mindblowing.

John, Andrew, Jenny T

Color Psychology

The project investigates on the effect of color upon a person's mood in order to utilize color psychology as a mental health disorder treatment.

Olivia, Krystal, Julie Do

pH of soil's effect on plants

Are your plants dying even with the ideal amount of water, light, and temperature? Your soil's pH might be causing that!

Anne, Cindy, Thanh

Does coffee ground provides a better source of nutrients that would help the plant to grow faster?

Our project is about investigating a new type of fertilizer that would grows plant the best other than only plain water. Therefore, we'll be focused on grow plants using different type of fertilizers.

Giang, Rosie, Jenny B

Conversion of Sound into Electricity

Annoyed of car horns in the streets of Vietnam and would like to do something? How about converting these annoying noises into something useful like electricity?

Nina, Zoey, Emily

Does Music affect plant growth?

Can different type of music affected the growth of plant? We will show you how.

Thuy, Anna, Vy

Does Mint Actually cool down things?

Mint cool your mouth, but can it cool water?

Melanie, Toan, Yau

Friendly Ultra Cooling Helmet

Can we use technologies on a helmet? We want to use solar panels to amass energy and power a mini fan to cool down the customer's head while they are wearing the helmet.

Jay, Michael, Kai

Separating Dirt from Water

Project looks into ways of separating dirt and water to improve environment !

Khanh, Andrea, Julie Van

Projects 10 to 18

Wireless Power Transfer

Wireless power transferring ! Tired of wires? We got you covered.

Tiffany T, Rita, Hayley

How can we purify water?

With so many people on Earth we need water more than ever and to get more water we will need to purify dirty water.

Steven, Mike T, David

How can caffeine affect bean sprout height?

Can caffein enhance the growing speed of sprouts without poison it? Just with green tea? We'll show you!

Andi, Quyen, Mymy

How to create pure energy by using cradle ball

The fact that cradle balls goes on NEARLY FOREVER !!! We think we may can mine the low energy it might have to create a low-power electric generator for some low power energy

Bill H, Michael, Nguyen

Creating electricity through hydropower.

We aim to demonstrate how hydropower can be the next primary source of renewable energy.

Grace, Tommy P, Trang & Linh Uong

How does encryption work?

The world is a vicious place with many evils. It's safe and best to trust no one, especially in the Internet. Encryption is an option.

Owen, Sean, Nemo

How to create electricity from wind.

Green energy to save the world.

Aiden, Jeff, Tom

Good Health and Well-being

Better health for a better life by improving your lifestyle.

Danny, Tony, Austin

How the environment affects fish's health?

Trash in your room? Feels disgust? So as fish in the ocean.

Jacklyn, Nhi, Tu

Projects 19 to 24

Catapult Project

Want to transport somxething up high and able to predict its destination? Or something that can rewrite historical warfare theories? My experiments will show it all.

Tom (G)

Conducting Electricity Through Salt Water

Making electricity from saltwater sounds impossible and dangerous. Our project wants to create a source that is renewable and easy to make.

Saurabh, Henry, Johnny Thinh

Motorizing a Robot Hand

Modernization and technological advancement are forces contribute to national development. With the aim to improve living standards and productivity, this project comes to operation.

Linus, Elsa, Bill N

Turn milk into Plastic

What can you make out of milk? chesse, butter,..., and plastic!! We will show you how!

Minh, Daniel, Derrick

Power shoes - Electric generating shoes

SAFE YOURSELF AND THE ENVIRONMENT with the "Power shoes". Integral design, compromised with free and renewable energy source to promote exercising and save the environment.

Tommy, Leo, Jenny

The Sea Cleaning Machine

Let build an awesome machine for cleaning the trash in the sea and could that give us a clear view of the water environment.

Dung, Ryan, Mikey

Projects 25 to 30

water gas? mini machine?

Let's discover together to know how a simple thing, called water can help us be healthy and diet in an indirect way.


Make biodiesel from cooking oil

The amount of fossil fuel is decreasing, while the used cooking oil been dump into the ocean. Why not use the cooking oil to make diesel?

Linh D, Helen

What is the best material to prevent flooding?

Trying to use the best material to build structures to prevent flooding in areas and also using that structure to collect water for uses later on and also preserve the water overall.

Zane, Cole

Does the level of pH in skincare products affect your skin?

Your skin is at its best when there is a balance between acidity and alkalinity. If you really don't care about it, your skin will go crazy. So let's discover the reason and find the right products for your skin to keep it in it the best condition.

Kelly, Tiffany Le

Coke and its N+1 version.

By buying $0.5 can of Coke, you receive 30 grams of sugar, 25% chance of getting heart attack, diabetes along with other health disease and a bonus bill of thousand dollars from the hospital.

Still want to drink coke? Why don't you make your own? ;)

Han, My


Recharge your phone without a power outlet and after sunset - with the energy of a candle đź•Ż! We show you how!

Jack, Mark, Sheldon

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Just wanted to upload a picture of my treehouse ;) And there is bonfire and lightpainting!

Catapult's Physics

Want to transport something up high and able to predict its destination? Or something that can rewrite historical warfare theories? My experiments will show it all.

Tom (G)

Project 32

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Even, Less, Creativity

Project 30

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InFinding, Good, Names

Dark Green

This is a project.

Alex, Barbara, Chris


Warum sollte man ein weinrotes Buch lesen? Ich verstehe es nicht.

Dirk, Esther, Frank


Aber die Blume ist schön grün. Kein Grund zu ärgern oder nörgeln. Warum auch? Ärger macht alt.

Georg, Heidi, Inge