Cape Town, South Africa

When: 18-25 October 2017

Where: African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), Muizenberg, South Africa

Africa Code Week is an incentive to promote education, innovation and inspiration among young learners across the continent to explore the world of coding. Coding tutorials are taking place across 35 countries, including 500, 000 learners; this opportunity is brought to you by an initiative put forth by SAP, the Cape Town Science Centre and Galway Education centre.

AIMS South Africa will be hosting over 200 learners (Grades 7 to 9) from schools across the province for daily workshops throughout the week. The workshop facilitators are AIMS researchers and masters students from across Africa and will be using Scratch software developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as a resource to introduce coding.

Education: Africa Code Week is an ample opportunity to educate young learners with the basic coding tools and skills. Being introduced to coding at a young age creates a potential for students to become future leaders in an industry with a promising economic demand.

Innovation: The possibilities with coding are limitless, challenging learners to use their imagination and be creative.

Inspiration: Workshops that are taking place during the week open the door to explore an unknown world for the majority of the learners, and hopefully providing inspiration along the way!