PME-NA 2016

Presenter: Tiffany Friesen

Tuscon, AZ

November 5, 2016

Translating Radical Constructivist Research Into Practice: First Steps

Inspired by a line of radical constructivists, we are former classroom teachers using research, video, teaching experiments and the extant epistemic subjects developed by researchers to assist teachers in building second-order models of student thinking. Focusing on knowledge translation we are able to weave together research and action in a way that is beneficial to the classroom teacher and different from the pressures felt by either the teacher or the researcher. We are walking alongside current classroom teachers translating what we are learning in an effort to take the research from paper to practice.




AIMS Center Presenter

Tiffany Friesen is a Senior Researcher at the AIMS Center for Math and Science Education, leading teams involved in translating research on how children learn mathematics. She has worked in public education for the past 23 years – the first ten as a High School Mathematics teacher, followed by 13 years at the Community College. Her position at the college afforded her the opportunity to teach a full range of math courses, with a passion for developmental courses and math courses for pre-service elementary teachers. Dr. Friesen has also worked for the Fresno County Office of Education as a facilitator of professional development and as a tutor for their Math On Call homework hotline. She is a member of the San Joaquin Valley Math Project, was selected as her district’s Teacher of the Year in 1997, and has served as a Mentor and Supervisor for student teachers. Dr. Friesen is an alumnus of Fresno Pacific College and received her Ph.D. from Curtin University in Perth, Australia.

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