PME-NA 2017

Presenter: Paul Reimer

Indianapolis, IN

October 5-8, 2017

Videos of Preschool Mathematical Thinking for Teacher Learning

Recent reports on the state of mathematics education call for a deeper understanding of mathematics developmental progressions and recommend improved teacher training for early childhood educators. However, few studies have explored the nature of preschool teachers’ existing knowledge, beliefs, and orientations toward children’s mathematical thinking. This report describes the initial phase of a project aimed at deepening teacher knowledge of how young children construct mathematical understanding. The video interviews described in this report illustrate the counting stages through which preschool children progress and show potential for use in professional learning settings as teachers reflect on their existing knowledge and work to develop more sophisticated interpretations of children’s mathematical thinking.



AIMS Presenter

Paul Reimer is a Senior Researcher with the AIMS center. Paul has spent more than 20 years in public education as an elementary teacher, mathematics coach, and adjunct university instructor. Drawing from a perspective grounded in situated learning and constructivism, his work has helped teachers of mathematics develop a reflective practice that centers on the cultivation of meaning-making opportunities in the classroom. As a current doctoral student in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology at Michigan State University, Paul’s research focuses on the work of teaching, with an emphasis on how teachers of mathematics develop knowledge, beliefs, identity, and practice in the context of their work. He is particularly interested in factors that support teachers’ learning and enactment of mathematical teaching practices, and in the ways school culture and policy can support teacher change.