MAMT PD Day 2017

Presenter: Carmella Crawford

Venue: Steinbach Regional Secondary School, Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada

Date: October 20, 2017


(Grades 3-5) Supporting the Traditional Multiplication Algorithm

Understanding multiplication is an essential piece of number sense. In this session we will look at the area model and how it clarifies the traditional algorithm used in multiplication. The tasks will help students become increasingly aware of the “ten-ness” of our numeration system and the role it plays in multiplication. This method of multiplication extends into multiplying the algebra way. Let’s investigate how to help students understand multiplication that will extend into algebra.

AIMS Presenter

Carmella Crawford has a BS in Education and an MS in Secondary Education. She received the Junior High Mathematics Teacher of the Year for the state of West Virginia, is an adjunct for several colleges, and retired after teaching 35 years. Carmella has presented at state and regional math conferences.

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