MAMT PD Day 2017

Presenter: Carmella Crawford

Venue: Steinbach Regional Secondary School, Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada

Date: October 20, 2017


(Grades K-2) Developing a Sense for Numbers

Number Sense is essentially the foundation on which all mathematics is founded. In this session, we will use hand -on tasks to give students opportunities to become fluent with adding and subtracting a set of five through composing and decomposing. These tasks can be expanded to higher levels moving from Families of 5 to Families of 20. Drama is another method that can be used to foster development of number concepts and number sense vocabulary. By acting out number stories, children experience comparing, counting, addition/subtraction and problem-solving scenarios in a bodily kinesthetic way. When young children begin by ‘doing’ and ‘saying,’ they can more easily transition to the abstract assignment of numbers and symbols. Come and enjoy AIMS tasks that will be fun, engaging, enriching and easily adapted upon returning to your classroom.

AIMS Presenter

Carmella Crawford has a BS in Education and an MS in Secondary Education. She received the Junior High Mathematics Teacher of the Year for the state of West Virginia, is an adjunct for several colleges, and retired after teaching 35 years. Carmella has presented at state and regional math conferences.