National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Meeting, 2016

Presenter: Lori Hamada

San Francisco, CA

April 14-16, 2016

How Research Can Impact Curricular Decisions in a K-12 Classroom

" sees what one is ready to see." (von Glasersfeld) Making curricular decisions based on what you notice in a child's approach is only effective if you know what you are looking for. Research findings can help a teacher know WHAT to notice. Using video, we will discuss how even a minimum of reading can help us hone our skills of noticing.

AIMS Center Presenter

Lori Hamada has served as the Executive Director of the AIMS Center for Math and Science Education since its inception. After teaching math for 14 years in middle and high school, Lori spent 12 years as the Mathematics Coordinator for the Fresno County Office of Education (FCOE). She was named a finalist for Administrator of the Year in Fresno County in 2007 after designing and serving nine years as the Executive Producer of Math on Call – FCOE’s mathematics homework hotline for students that incorporated a live daily television broadcast with a call center staffed with credentialed mathematics teachers. Lori worked two years as CEO of the non-profit CPM Educational Program. Before coming to The AIMS Center, Lori also served as a principal in the Central Unified School District. She is a former Director of the San Joaquin Valley Mathematics Project and the current President of the Central Section of the California Math Council. Lori holds a Masters Degree in Education from Fresno Pacific College, with a dual focus in Curriculum & Instruction and in Math Education. She has been a professional development consultant for over 20 years, 12 as a national consultant for the College Board.

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