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Best Practice Development Aid

Nonprofits play a huge role in making the world a better place.

Their responsibility is using donations and resources as efficient as possible to stimulate positive change in people's lives. NGOs experience continued pressure to process massive amounts of information, whereby they are accountable to their different stakeholders. This is a time and capital consuming task, limiting the breadth and scope of NGO’s delivery of aid. The more NGO information systems can be automated, the wider and more effective each NGO will be able to deliver aid.

AidIT offers NGOs information systems automation at rates which also small organisations can afford.

AidIT I.T. Service Package For Nonprofits

Information systems automation at lowest rates.

Achieved by integrating the best existing NGO software and app grants in one complete solution, allowing NGOs to plan, develop projects, monitor, evaluate, account, report, fundraise, broadcast and manage staff, donors and beneficiaries.


AidIT's NGO App Suite

Our fully integrated app suite allows you to plan and develop projects, to monitor, evaluate, account, report and fundraise, to broadcast and manage staff, donors and beneficiaries.

One complete and powerful toolkit providing affordable information systems automation to NGOs and NPOs.


Google for Nonprofits

When you aim to solve big problems, you need to have the right tools to be successful. With Google for NGOs, you'll be able to fundraise more easily, collaborate more efficiently, and share your story with a wider audience.

We help you finding the right package and provide setup, administration and support.


A Dynamic Website

Your website is your organisation's show window to the world and an information channel with your partners and donors at the same time.

We offer you attractive designs that dynamically publish up-to-date information through integration with our app suite and Google Drive.


Development aid consultation

AidIT offers NGOs access to development aid expertise like model projects, best practices and sector specific networks.


After working in South Africa's development aid sector for over 15 years, our vision is the efficient and effective delivery of development aid by transparent NGOs receiving sufficient resources and support, enabling them to focus on their beneficiaries and the development challenges they face.