About AidIT


AidIT’s vision is the efficient and effective delivery of development aid by transparent NGOs receiving sufficient resources and support enabling them to focus on their beneficiaries and the development challenges they face.


AidIT’s mission is to offer NGOs integrated and holistic development aid and ICT solutions making use of Google for NPOs, app development, cloud services, social media and best practice development aid.

Value proposition

NGOs play a huge role in making the world a better place. They use donated funds to assist those who are facing development challenges. This places a huge responsibility on them to use resources as efficient as possible while trying to stimulate positive change in people's lives, change which could be the difference between life and death. Therefore NGOs experience continued pressure to process massive amounts of information whereby they could be accountable to their different stakeholders and to ensure that the change they stimulate is positive. This is a time and capital consuming task, limiting the breadth and scope of NGO’s delivery of aid. The more NGO information systems could be automated, the wider and more effective each NGO will be able to deliver aid. In the past, such automation was only affordable by rich corporate companies.

Today, AidIT offers NGOs such information systems automation at the lowest rates available. AidIT achieves this by integrating the best existing NGO software and apps grants in one complete solution allowing NGOs to plan, develop projects, monitor, evaluate, account, report, fundraise, broadcast and manage staff, donors and beneficiaries. AidIT furthermore offers NGOs access to development aid expertise like model projects, best practices and sector specific networks.

Considering that AidIT's board have been active in the non governmental development sector for an extended time, AidIT understand that smaller NGOs are most often close to their beneficiaries and therefore able to facilitate valuable change. Unfortunately these NGOs mostly also lack funds for operational aspects such as information management systems. Therefore, AidIT is not about making money but to serve the evolvement of human life and will always strive to provide these services at the lowest rates possible.