AIA Caroline Springs Campus

Library Newsletter


Monday to Friday

8:15 am – 4:15 pm


Victorian Premier Reading Challenge

15th of March – 7th of September

Scholastic Book Club

20th of April – 7th of May

National Simultaneous Storytime

22th of May

Ramadan Book Fair

7th of June – 10 of June

Author Visit

22nd of June

Book Week

20th of August - 25th of August

Author Writing Workshop

7th of September

Character Parade

19th of October


Caroline Springs Campus Library plays a central role in supporting teachers and motivating students' learning. The library develops students’ imagination and prepares them to achieve a high level of literacy, reading and information technology skills. It promotes inquiry and the development of critical-thinking skills and reading skills and lifelong learning. It ensures access to information on local and global issues and diverse perspectives.

The library provides a setting that is fun and safe for all students to explore the wonders of literature, read quietly or research information. It also provides a multi-function learning area which is an essential part of the teaching and learning programs of AIA.

The library also supports teachers and students in teaching and learning through the provision of resources. The library offers a comfortable, safe and visually appealing environment and easy access to different kinds of information irrespective of location or classification.


The library houses a wide range of resources and materials to facilitate the educational and learning needs of students and teachers. The library provides a variety of fictional genres to cater for all tastes. Our collection includes fiction, non-fiction, teacher resources, Arabic and Islamic Studies resources, in print, multimedia and online forms.


Our school library networks and collaborates with the neighboring schools and the local libraries in order to share their resources. The Caroline Springs Public Library is well equipped and contains excellent resources that support the teaching and learning of our students at all year levels such as Britannica Library, educational databases, E-Books and other educational events. Therefore, I encourage our teachers, students and parents to become a member of the Caroline Springs library to be able to access their excellent resources to extend the learning process of our students and to make connections with the local community which will have a positive impact on their future. Joining the library is an important and valuable network resource for our school.