Aylesbury High School KS4 Options 2019-2021

Choosing Your Courses for Key Stage 4

This is an exciting part of your school career. Over the next few weeks you will be deciding on the subjects you want to take in Years 10 and 11 (Key Stage 4). This booklet will help you and your parents make the choices that are best for you.

You will also find this booklet a useful source of reference during Key Stage 4 since it contains details of the content of your courses and how they are assessed.

The timetable for making decisions:

Thursday 28 February: Information Evening for Parents and Students, Main Hall, 7 pm This evening is for both parents and students, and lasts approximately 1-1½ hours. The Options Booklet will be given out and the process explained. After this evening you will be in a position to do some research and start making decisions.

Friday 1 March: Online Options Form open, 6pm

Thursday 7 March: Year 9 Consultation Evening, Main Hall & Dining Room, 5-8 pm

Monday 11 March: Q&A assembly, Main Hall, 8.50-9.10 am A chance for Year 9 to ask questions about option choices

Sunday 17 March: Option Forms submitted on-line by 6 pm at the latest

March-May: Further discussions with individual students as necessary

September 2019: Courses begin (some core subjects begin KS4 work in Year 9)

We have designed a broad and balanced curriculum that ensures you have a wide range of choices available at the end of Key Stage 4. Within the structure you select subjects that you want to take and make your own personalised curriculum.

Making your choices requires you to do some serious research so that you understand what each subject offers at Key Stage 4, as they are often quite different from subjects at Key Stage 3.

If you have specific questions about an individual subject, then first of all go to a teacher of that subject and ask for advice. If you have questions about the choices you might make, then talk with your form tutor. For further advice, see me at any convenient time. Your parents are also welcome to phone or e-mail me to discuss anything to do with making these choices.

Good luck!

Alan Rosen