Exhibit 19

Using Filter Gallery Filters in an Artistic Effort - Watercolor

Exhibit 19 - Photoshop Watercolor Painting. The matte was also created in Photoshop.

My original photo. This scenic barn has since been torn down.


This image began with a photo I took in Smithfield near my home. I decided to use the filter gallery filters, layers and blending modes, and different brushes to turn the photo into a painting.


Color Scheme: I wanted to play warm against cool, dark against light, and texture contrasts. An analogous variety of greens dominate the painting, with touches of oranges and deep reds for opposite colors.

Contrast: The contrast in this painting happens with the use of opposite colors - greens and oranges/reds.

Placement: I used the rule of thirds to design this painting. The cement column falls on a vertical rule of thirds line. The foreground, middle ground with the barn, and the sky each take approximately a third of the image horizontally.