Exhibit 17

Using a Gradient Map - Halloween Party Announcement


  • Use Adjustment layers
  • Use Adjustment layer masks
  • Vignette using a black gradient

I wanted to create a Halloween poster using adjustment layers. I found a couple free images at free images.com that looked like they would work. I brought in the photo of the woman covering her face. Then I used the crop tool to add canvas for the border and text below. I created a new layer underneath and filled it with black. I then added a gradient map adjustment layer to the woman (see screenshot below). I used the adjustment layer's mask to poke through to the black and white eyes below it. I then added a red stroke and inner shadow effects to the woman layer. I pasted the man in the TV set into a new layer and added a mask by copying the eye mask on the woman layer to this layer and inverting it. I made sure the mask was unlocked from the image and free transformed the evil eyes layer so it fit correctly within the woman's right eye. I changed the layer blending mode to Overlay to make the evil eyes blend in with the woman's eye. I repeated this process for the left eye. I then added a layer of black over the image and used a large, soft eraser brush to bring back the center - leaving the corners vignetted. To finish, I added the text.


  • Color Scheme: The gradient map provides a Halloween color scheme to the face - making it look unnatural and scary.
  • Contrast: The cool, greyscale eyes contrast with this warmth and draws your eyes into the image.
  • Repetition: I've repeated the colors in the text and image border.
  • Alignment: I've aligned information to the left - even with the edge of the image.
  • Proximity: I've used the principle of Proximity to pull the information text away from the Fright Night Halloween title.
  • Font Scheme: Two very contrasting fonts work well together.


Source: 1001freefonts.com

Source: www.freeimages.com

Source: www.freeimages.com

Screenshot of the gradient adjustment layer settings.