Exhibit 15

Business Card Design

Exhibit 15 - Business Card Design

Alternate Design 1

Alternate Design 2

Alternate Design 3


I am often fascinated with the abstract form of text when viewed at an extremely large size - to the point it overflows the canvas. The main figure is an @ in a font called Zapfino. I mostly sign my artistic work with this font, so I used it also for my name on the business card. I placed my name at a point on the card where it "felt right" to me. I switched fonts for the other information, using Century Gothic in a very minimalist way so as not to detract from the larger elements. I carefully aligned my name with the graphic artist chunk of text so there was a visual line connecting them. I added the gradient to further tone down the lower right hand text, and repeated it in the @ symbol to give continuity. The bottom three examples are using color gradients.

  • Contrast: Light colored text on a black background. Large ampersand - small print
  • Repetition: Not much to repeat here. The two fonts are both repeated.
  • Alignment: Strong right alignment line for name and personal information
  • Proximity: The ampersand and my name being in the same font are placed in close proximity. The personal information below is separated by space, and kept in close proximity to each other.


This was pretty simple and straight forward. I first typed the @ symbol, then used the free transform command to make it fill and even exceed the entire card. I added a gradient overlay effect to that type layer. I next typed my name, using the same font, and placed it in its location. Last of all, I typed the text in the lower left corner, re-sized it, and then actively went through several fonts until I found just the right font. Finally I added a gradient overlay effect to that layer as well. On the three bottom examples, I created a new top layer, set its blending mode to color, and filled it with varying gradients.


Fonts: Zapfino and Century Gothic