Exhibit 14

Designing a Newsletter

Exhibit 14 - Newsletter design. Click image to see entire 20 page newsletter.


I have been on the Board of Directors for the Utah Coalition for Educational Technology since 2005. One of my roles has been to produce educational technology newsletters for them, and also for the College of Education and Human Services at Utah State University.

Although I use other software to actually produce the newsletter, such as Adobe inDesign and LucidPress, I design the basic look and feel in Photoshop. I use Photoshop also to design the headers, logos, and process images I use.


Contrast: I use contrast in a number of ways. I use contrasts of color to bring out the organization of the newsletter. For example, I use a red, bold font to make article titles pop out. I use a deep blue to make active links apparent to the user.

Repetition: Repetition is key to the design. Again, repeating colors to organize information. Repetition of the fonts, spacing, layouts, photo shapes, etc., unify the document and make it recognizable as the YETC's or UCET's newsletter.

Alignment: I use strong left alignments throughout the newsletters. I try to visually align elements that go together.

Proximity: The use of space is particularly important in a newsletter to organize separate families of information. I often use color to help with this. I always give text breathing room (margins) that are repeated throughout.

Font Scheme: In the newsletters I have always limited myself to one font family, or two contrasting font families. This helps unify the newsletter through repetition. In the latest design, I use one font family - OpenSans - a font included in LucidPress.

Over the years, I've taken the liberty to play with the designs. Below are some examples. Each image links to an actual newsletter. Feel free to explore!