Exhibit 11

Bookmarks: Using and manipulating text, brush strokes, gradients

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3


Looking online I ran across a set of bookmarks that used various gradients along with shapes and text, and thought I'd like to try something similar. First of all I created a medium to dark value red gradient that reminded me of autumn. I used the leaf brush in my Photoshop brushes, but varied the settings to achieve what I wanted. Since the "spray" pattern was rather random, I erased some of the leaves, and copied and pasted others to get the pattern of shapes I wanted, which makes a semi-circular design from top to bottom. Next I set the type for "seek to bless a life today," emphasizing the word bless, and aligning the lines so they mimic the semi-circular design of the leaves. Then I added the quote, also following that circular shape. Text alignment is right justified and aligned visually. Contrast is used in the size of text, and in the lightest values. Repetition of the leaves, the colors, and the font helps provide unity. Proximity rules are used to separate distinct sections within the image.


Contrast: Luminous text against a dark background

Repetition: Repeating analogous color schemes. Similar designs in all three bookmarks. Repeated placements of text, text size, fonts in all three bookmarks.

Alignment: Strong right alignment provides a visual flow from top to bottom

Proximity: Families of text are separated by space. I moved the large text closer together to tighten up that family.

Color Scheme: Each bookmark follows an analogous color scheme.

Font Scheme: I've chosen complimentary fonts that provide a fantasy-like feel.


I began by playing with gradients of various colors until I found one I liked. Then I located a Photoshop brush that is shaped like a leaf, and adjusted the brush settings for size, angle, amount, jitter, etc. I next created the main text, and tried various fonts until I found one that worked for me. I also adjusted the kearning and leading to meet my design needs. I added the quote, using an italics version of the same font. Finally, I placed a few more leaves exactly where I wanted, by copying and pasting them, rotating them, resizing them.


Fonts used: Nueva Std.