Exhibit 6

Photo Restoration from a 35mm Slide

Exhibit 6 - Restore a scan of an old 35mm slide

Background Information: This is a photo of my family back in 1960 or 1961. I'm the oldest boy in the photo. The original on the left is a scan of a 35mm color slide that had degraded over time, developing the red streaks and losing contrast and color. As a gift to my family, I wanted to restore it to its original quality.

Design Thoughts: For this project, there was no consideration for design. The goal was just to restore the photo to its original clarity.


  • Used camera raw to remove noise, increase contrast and vibrance.
  • Used Photoshop's selective color adjustment layer and mask to remove the red problems.
  • Used Photoshop's dodge and burn tools to even out luminance values left by removing the reds on the left side.
  • After fixing the issues, I took the image back into Camera Raw to do final adjustments to color and contrast.