Exhibit 3

Business Card for Client in Houston, Texas

Exhibit 3 - Business Card Design for a Client


Background: Norma Hughes is a person I met online who creates jewelry to sell at local fairs and exhibitions. She asked that I design her a fanciful business card that would attract attention to her work. I decided upon using jewelry-like elements in the card design, such as shapes, jewels and gold. The design is based on the golden ratio, with the top portion being 1.618 to 1 for the text information.

Client Feedback: "Just wanted to let you know that your design for my business card was a great success. Everyone that I've given it to asks who did my design and let them know. They say you're an awesome artist and I tell them yes, he is. Thanks again for a wonderful design. You're awesome!"

Contrast: I've used a combination of analogous and complimentary colors that provide a vivid contrast. The warm colors draw your attention to the jewel in the center of the card. I've also used contrasting fonts.

Repetition: I have repeated the colors and fonts.

Alignment and Visual Hierarchy: All is center-aligned which automatically leads the eye from the top to bottom of the design. The largest item, the jewel design draws the attention first. Next comes the large script text, "Bewitching Designs" - with its color gradient that repeats colors in the design above. Then Norma's name, just slightly smaller in size. Then the contact information at the bottom is slightly smaller text.

Proximity: Varying amounts of space separate each of the card's families of elements. The design at the top is separated by the largest space from the text blocks below. Norma's company, Bewitching Designs, is separated by a smaller space from the name and contact information below it. This helps visually organize the information.

Color Scheme: I've used two color schemes here - analogous blues, greens, and violets, and their complimentary colors.

Font Scheme: Torta Ornaments (Decorative font) and Avenir Next Light (Sans Serif Font)


First of all, I designed a geometric pattern using Photoshop's symmetry feature. I applied a gold style I created that includes a drop shadow. I selected sections of the pattern and colored them on a separate layer. I then created a gradient for the background that color matched the design. I then created the text blocks, applying a gradient overlay FX to "Bewitching Designs."