Exhibit 2

Magazine Cover Design

Exhibit 2 - Magazine cover layout


Background: For this exhibit, I've created a fictitious magazine cover for a travel magazine.

Contrast: I like the contrast between the warm earth and cool sky, so I used those colors for the magazine title. The photos themselves are high contrast images. The white text was used to provide the most contrast with the background photo.

Alignment: Strong left alignment of all the blocks of text. Right alignment of photos. The photos also align with the right edge of "Highways."

Repetition: Repetition of the warm colors in the background on the "Highways" gradient. I've repeated the two contrasting fonts throughout the design.

Proximity: The title is one proximity area that includes the date and issue. The taglines are kept in close proximity to one another to make that a family of information. I've also separated each tagline with some space so they come across as different articles.

Color scheme: Warm reds and oranges of red rock southern Utah vs. cool, southern Utah sky colors.

Font Choice: I've chosen to use three fonts in this design. The main font is a heavy sans serif block text, which helps the text stand out clearly from the background. I've used a lighter serif font for the detail information. Then I've used a script font for the word "Utah."


First of all, I selected four photos I took in southern Utah, opened them in Camera Raw and did my best to enhance them by adjusting the histogram, adding a bit of vibrance, and bringing out detail in the shadows. I cropped each, trying to find the best images within the larger photos. Next, I created a new file in Photoshop that was magazine cover size at 300 DPI. I placed the background photo, and created the magazine header, using gradient and stroke FX on the "Highways" layer.

Then I placed the three photos, aligning them, grouping them into a folder, and adding a white stroke and drop shadow effect. I rotated each one slightly, and warped them a bit to make them look like printed photographs.

Finally, I added the tagline texts and required barcode.

Original photo used for the background on the cover.


Fonts: Impact, Palatino