Future Transportation Systems

Smart Urban Mobility, On-demand mobility & Simulation

Research Group at Artificial Intelligence Center, Dept. of Computer Science, FEL, CTU.

We are developing models that provide insights into the performance of on-demand transportation systems and use them to estimate the impact of their large-scale deployment. Further, we are looking in the potential of advanced optimization techniques, automation, ride-sharing and market-based mechanisms to achieve affordable, efficient, and congestion-free urban traffic.

  • Funded by GACR (Czech National Science Foundation) and through industrial collaborations.
  • We publish at major conferences/journals in robotics, computer science, and transportation research.
  • We collaborate internationally, e.g., with researchers at TU Delft, Cornell, ...
  • We won Vision of mobility in Prague 2030 contest: http://cs.fel.cvut.cz/en/news/detail/1295
  • We won 3rd price in Smart Mobility Hackathon 2018 - ceehacks.org


Michal Cap

Martin Schaefer

David Fiedler

Michal Pechoucek