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Fridays Room 512

Our AFSE Green Team Goal: Promote sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint to achieve Zero Carbon by 2030 through Green Practices both in school and at home with our families and friends.

How is the Air Quality in Room 512?

Real-Time AFSE's Indoor AQI (Air Quality Indicator) is monitored using a PurpleAir Sensor. It looks for PM 2.5 (Particulate Matter 2.5) to determine the score. The lower the value, the cleaner the air quality.

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Time left to prevent 1.5 degree Celsius increase which will cause catastrophic irreversible damage to our climate based on IPCC Model. 

AFSE Green Team Club Prioritizes Reducing and also Re-Uses Cardboard Boxes and Audits to make sure every classroom has proper sorting. Reduce LANDFILL and follow our daily checklist to make our classroom greener

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