How to log into AU ONLINE

This skills sheet will explain how to access and login into AU Online.

Where can I access AU Online?

AU Online (Moodle) is a web based application, you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. This means if you’re at home or away on holiday, you can get access to your Courses as long as you have an internet connection.

How can I login to Moodle?

On the Moodle homepage on the top right corner you should see a textbox as shown below:

If you click Log in you will get the Log in box:

Type in your USERNAME and PASSWORD and Click Log in.

You will then find yourself on the Home page. Click Courses to the top left side of the Site. You will get a list of Colleges at AU

When you Click on your desired College will find a list of Courses from where you will select your Course or you can Search for your course using the Search Button. To search: Use the Course Name or Course Code. When you Click the Search Button you will find yourself on the Search results page:

Enrolment Key

When you click on your required course you will get to the Enrolment options page:

Some courses require you to enter an Enrolment key, some don’t.

If the Course has an enrolment when you click on the Course name you will get the following Text boxes:

Please Note, the Enrolment Key is provided by your Lecturer.

If the Course does not require an Enrolment Key you will get the following Enrolment buttons boxes:

Once you click Enrol me, the course will henceforth appear under your “My Courses”. You will not go through the enrolment process again.

Happy Moodling!