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We're Moving!

As of April 28, 2018 A Foxy Pup will be closing the Christiansburg Salon. Amanda will return to grooming from her home the second week of May. Amanda will only be able to accept NEW clients on an 8 week or less recurring schedule Monday- Friday. Town of Blacksburg regulations will not allow Amanda to have clients in her home therefore Curbside drop off/pick up will be required or Amanda can pick your dog(s) up from your home or another designated location. If you would like us to pick up and drop off your dog there is a $10 fee, all dogs will be picked up between 8-9 am and returned at the end of the day usually between 2-3pm(later drop off can be arranged), latch-key service is available so nobody has to be home just give us access to the area you would like your dog returned(key, code etc) and we will make sure your pup goes potty and is secured.

We are currently taking a waitlist for new clients, please fill out the form below to be added to the waitlist. As we accomodate all existing clients we will begin contacting the waitlist to get you on the schedule as soon as possible. The waitlist will be prioritized by most frequent and most flexible schedules.

As always all services are all inclusive using premium products, deshed/conditioning, nails clipped/filed, anal glands checked and expressed if needed, ears cleaned and plucked if needed, and teeth lightly "brushed". Amanda always strives to keep the grooming process as stress free as possible for your pet allowing them breaks and playtime as needed. Amanda does not use crates during the grooming day, unless absolutely necesary for safety,allowing your pup to play and socialize while being supervised however if you choose to drop off and pick up your pup any dogs not picked up by the time all dogs are done will be crated until picked up for safety during unsupervised time. Amanda delivers many of her clients pups home at the end of the day and may have other obligations as well so prompt pick up when your pup is finished is greatly appreciated.