The Den

Welcome to "The Den"

The Employee Intranet is a web site through which various district departments share employee-specific resources with teachers, administrators, and other staff members.

Examples of resources that can be found on the Employee Intranet include employee benefit and open enrollment forms, copyrighted curriculum resources that cannot be posted publicly, and specific training resources for employees from departments such as Special Education, Building and Grounds, or Human Resources. It also provides quick links to a range of services for employees that can also be accessed elsewhere.

District departments will usually provide specific instructions to employees on how to navigate to and access relevant resources housed in the Intranet when needed. Many departments have migrated resources that can or should be made publicly available to their department web sites at, so the Employee Intranet, The Den, has only limited, specific use cases. When in doubt about information you find on the Den, search the current public district web site or contact a department directly to ensure you get up-to-date resources.

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