2021 CURRICULUM Update

2021 ReSET Technical Rescue Curriculum Update

February 2021

Recently the Regional Standardization of Equipment and Training (ReSET) Rope Curriculum

Committee met to revise the Technical Rescue Curriculums (General Rescuer, Rope Tech,

Confined Space Tech). This was driven by two factors:

1. To integrate the CMC Clutch and Skylotec Sirius into our programs

2. NFPA released the 2021 edition of 1006 (Standard for Technical Rescuer Professional


This “Information Bulletin” is intended to provide an overview of the significant changes in

these curriculums. The changes primarily affected the following elements of our teaching:

Ø Rescue Rigging

o Video- https://youtu.be/XDGV1LJ8w8I

Ø Rope Access

Ø Commands

o Video- https://youtu.be/U_Y_icvnX-o

Ø System Knot Passing

Ø Sked Vertical Bridle

o Video- https://youtu.be/ZyHzvzjo92M

Ø Confined Space Emergency Retrieval Systems

Ø 60-second Trauma Assessment and Vacuum Mattress

o 60-Second Trauma Assessment Video- https://youtu.be/MDd-1HMpxrY

o Vacuum Mattress Video- https://youtu.be/NyUzTvFQExo

Rescue Rigging

Video- https://youtu.be/XDGV1LJ8w8I

Since 2007 when ReSET presented its first General Rescuer class our techniques and equipment

choices have evolved with the trends of the technical rescue community. Our original curriculums

pre-dated many of the mainstream devices we are familiar with today. Because of the large

number of people we have trained, it has been difficult to move an entire region to new devices

and techniques, but it is imperative that we do not become stagnant. In 2017 we stopped

teaching the Tandem Triple Wrapped Prusik Belay, and now in 2021, we are removing all

references to it all together. It was replaced with the ASAP Top Belay.

From the inception of ReSET we have relied heavily on Munter Hitches for our operations. We

used them to provide friction during lowers, we used them to Belay, and we used them for

Progress Capture. Now in 2021 we are making a large step to transition away from Munter