A CAPCOG committee for Regional Standardization of Equipment and Training


  • Next ReSET meeting January 30th 2020 - CAPCOG 10AM. This will be our quarterly Regional Response Meeting and we will prioritize grant applications at this meeting.

The Regional Standardization of Equipment and Training is a subcommitte of Regional Response under the Homeland Security Task Force of the Capital Area Council of Governments (CAPCOG). This committee works to establish standardized training and equipment throughout the CAPCOG region to ensure regional partners receive the highest level of service and ensuring the interoperability of personnel and equipment when using mutual and automatic aid.

Through CAPCOG, ReSET is authorized to prioritize grant funding requests with a terrorism nexus. This funding provides critical equipment to enable these teams to respond to incidents throughout the CAPCOG 10 county region. Teams that do not receive this funding, voluntarily participate through reset to maintain the standardization model developed through the reset program.


ReSET will strive to coordinate the training and equipping needs of the various CAPCOG Regional Response Teams. We seek to ensure reliable, consistent teams that conform to the highest national standards.

Regionally Supported FEMA Typed Teams/Resources Through ReSET