Sergio Pérez Candanosa

Director and co-founder of AFCA Group, a firm of professionals dedicated to advising and providing business support in the areas of administration, fiscal accounting and auditing. Since 2014, passionate about lean philosophy, implementing methodologies of administrative efficiency in several companies. Business coach focused on supporting and counseling of senior executives mainly to the accompaniment of 2nd generation transitions. Entrepreneur in different sectors such as consulting, technology, foreign trade, F&B, services, among others. University academic since 2007 at ITESO Jesuit University. Member of the Public Accountants College of Guadalajara.

L.C.P. Ana Karen Sauceda Pérez

L.C.P. Maria de Jesus Torres de los Santos

L.C.P. Carolina Ruíz Esparza

L.C.P. Karina Gonzalez Goche

L.C.P. Miguel Angel del Real

L.C.P. Stephanie Valdez

L.C.P. Sofia Quintero

L.C.P. Alejandra Ascencio

L.C.P. Mariana Ramirez

L.R.I. Alejandra Toscano

Luis Gerardo Chavez