Attendance & Absence

ABSENCE LINE: 01376 515756 Ext 266

All students are expected to attend registration every day irrespective of when they have non-contact periods. This is the major point of contact for Tutors and is one of the main routes used for Witham Sixth Forms communications (the other being student e-mail). Absence from Sixth Form, when known in advance, should be notified to the Tutor of the student.

If students are absent we ask the student or their parent to telephone the Sixth Form Centre using the main number 01376 515756 Ext 266 if at all possible before 8:30 am.

Witham Sixth Forms is a full time establishment and students are required to attend every weekday for registration and to attend all timetabled lessons, where this is not possible students are expected to communicate with their tutor. Absence must always be explained. Prolonged absence or unexplained absence will involve contact with parents and can result in discontinuation of a student’s programme of study. If students leave the premises during lesson times, they MUST sign out at reception. Absences will be checked regularly and students who fail to attend registration either through absence from Sixth Form or lateness can expect their parents to be contacted. Further infringements may lead to formal disciplinary procedures being implemented.

Accepted Absences - Foreseen In Advance

Medical appointment which cannot be arranged outside Sixth Form hours.

Occasional care for a person if student has definite caring responsibilities.

A religious holiday.

Visit to University to attend an open day/interview; a career related interview or audition.

Unwaged work experience placement relative to course.

Occasional extra-curricular activity giving significant personal achievement, including field trips and visits related to areas of study; sports fixtures and expeditions.

Attendance at a funeral.

Severe disruption to transport.

A driving test.

Study Leave.

Acceptable Unforeseen Absences – If Sixth Form Notified On The Day

An emergency family situation.

Transport problems with no alternative solution.

Isolated short periods of genuine sickness [Up to 3 days with details supplied by student or parent, between 3 and 7 days with parental or medical practitioner support].

Absences Not Generally Acceptable


Part or Full time work which is not part of the student’s programme of study.

Leisure activities.

Birthdays or similar celebrations.

Babysitting younger siblings.


Driving Lessons.