16-19 Bursary Scheme

16-19 Bursary Scheme

This government funding is available to some post-16 students in order to help fund their studies. The fund is a fixed amount that has to be distributed amongst all eligible students in the 6th form so the amount awarded to a student may vary from year to year. The bursary may be distributed by cheque, or by the academy subsidising costs for equipment or visits, or by providing necessary resources.

Eligibility is means tested except for a few exceptions.

Applications are made in September based on household income.

Current eligibility thresholds:

  • Students who are in care,
  • leaving or recently left care,
  • Are in receipt of Income Support in their own name.
  • Are disabled and in receipt of both Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance

- all automatically eligible for £1200. HIGH RATE ENTITLEMENT

  • Household income < £20000 - MEDIUM RATE ENTITLEMENT (currently £120 termly either by cheque or subsidy)
  • Household income between £20000 and £25000 - LOW RATE ENTITLEMENT (emergency assistance if funds are available based on need)

Although students may be eligible for the bursary, payment is dependent on the student meeting acceptable standards of attendance (lessons, tutorials and compulsory events), their attitude to learning and their progress towards their target grades. Although eligibility is based on parental income, the agreement is with the student and therefore their responsibility to ensure they are meeting the standards required.

In cases where students do not meet the standards required, this may result in partial or non-payment of the bursary instalment.

For further information contact Miss T Howard, Witham Sixth Form Pastoral Coordinator at thoward@newrickstonesacademy.org