Enrichment Activities

Enrichment Activities

At Witham Sixth Forms we offer a wide variety of activities beyond the classroom to support and develop each student.

Pastoral Care: We have a dedicated team of tutors that will meet with you to give advice and guidance.

Careers Advice: You will be given information through tutor time, assemblies and a range of events. Employers also visit us to educate young people about the careers available to them.

Support with UCAS: You will be involved in a UCAS day; spend time with your tutor and have an information evening to help with the university application should you choose this route.

University Visits: You will attend the insight into Higher Education day, University Superfair and open days.

Insight into Leadership: You will be involved in a three day group event, working a part of a business to promote a product whilst developing your employability skills.

Roadster: You will experience a day dedicated to learning about safer driving.

Team Building: You will be involved in a number of team building events throughout the year.

Sixth Form Leadership Team: Most importantly, you will have your say about Sixth Form life.

Work Opportunities: Within the academy, you will have the chance to be employed as 1 to 1 tutors, display coordinators and receptionists.

Work Experience: You may work in a range of settings to support you in your courses and future pathways.