Key Stage 3: Year 7, 8 and 9

At Key Stage 3, Mathematics is a core subject. Pupils follow a scheme of work based on a model of progression to enable them to reach age related expectations. Where pupils have gaps in their knowledge, teachers will return to previous stages to address these.

Lessons are built around mastery of the key mathematical concepts. Pupils aim to develop fluency, reasoning and problem solving; challenge is through deeper questioning and complex problems.

Key Stage 4: Year 10 and Year 11

Mathematics is a core subject. All pupils take Mathematics at GCSE level, following the Edexcel GCSE Mathematics course.

The new GCSE is graded 9-1 with a choice of Higher or Foundation papers in the final exam.

Arithmetical Proficiency

An appreciation of number and number operations, which enables mental calculations and written procedures to be performed efficiently, fluently and accurately is key to children being successful in mathematics.

We aim for all pupil to be:

  • able to recall quickly and accurately basic ‘number facts’ (e.g. number bonds, doubling and halving and multiplication and division facts.)
  • fluent in applying quick, efficient written and mental methods of calculation.