Art and Design


Art and Design at Wishmore Cross Academy aims to engage all pupils, providing them with a space to develop their artist creativity and develop their individual strengths.

At Wishmore Cross Academy, pupils have the opportunity to take part in a creative and inspiring Art and Design curriculum. Pupils develop observational and still life drawing skills. Design and 3D construction expertise is taught along with information on famous artists, art from other cultures and the history of Art. Pupils at Wishmore Cross Academy have been involved in local art exhibitions and have visited on educational trips local and London art galleries.

Art and Design is taught in projects, at least 7 projects in an academic year. Preparation studies are recorded in pupils sketchbooks working towards a final piece which marks the end of each project. In year 10 and 11 pupils build up a portfolio of coursework, working towards an accreditation or qualification in Art and Design.

Art and Design Curriculum

Year 7: Colour theory, Henry Matisse, Paper cuts, Cubism, Picasso, Picasso portraits, Aboriginal art

Year 8: Aztec Art, Soap/stone carving, Aztec metal art, Egyptian art- Funerary art (mask, sarcophagus, canopic jars), Papyrus paper project

Year 9: Gothic Cathedral art - stained glass windows, gargoyles-3D design, Icon pictures, paper prints, lino cutting-printing techniques, T-shirt design, Pop art- repetition, popular culture, painting on canvas

Year 10/11: Studies - line,shape,texture,tone and colour, still life drawing, portrait, perspective, experimenting with new materials (oil paint,acrylic, ink,spray paint), independent design project