We are pleased to announce that Wishmore Cross Academy is now formally a charity, WISH4MORE has achieved charitable status and a Registered Charity Number 1149951.Wish4more wants to provide lifelong learning opportunities for children and families of Wishmore Cross Academy. We will seek to create an informal learning environment to support children’s learning and to promote and encourage healthy life styles for children and families in the wider community.

The Easy Reading Project

Easy reading will be an additional strategy for our pupils with ADHD & BESD to boost self-esteem, confidence in abilities to enable application of learning.

Easy Reading will be an additional strategy that the Academy will use to encourage our pupils to enjoy and develop their reading skills. Reading with digital (or e-books can enrich pupils learning experience by engaging them in the content in multisensory ways

(e.g., reading and listening at the same time, reading along while the e-book highlights each word). Sadly and too often, thousands of children who struggle with reading because of a print disability such as dyslexia do not receive access to resources that may help them enjoy reading.

If you have any contacts for raising some funds or ideas in achieving our goal please contact Tina Aston 01276 857555 or email: