Welcome from the Head of School

Welcome to the Wishmore Cross Academy website!

Ricardo Hylton - Head of School

Wishmore Cross is a school for boys aged 7 - 16, and all of our pupils have EHCPs (Educational Health and Care Plans) which detail their Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs (SEMH).

We work as a school to understand our pupils, their diagnosed and hidden needs, educate ourselves and them around these needs; and support our pupils to find their best, stable selves so that they can function independently and achieve in the world.

Our pupils may have histories of a difficult engagement with education, and our staff team works tirelessly to build secure, key worker relationships, so that we can change our pupils’ ideas of what their schooling can and should be like.

We are a school undergoing transformation and change, and are looking forward to a site that has been completely redecorated, a site that provides for our pupils sensory, occupational therapy and mental health needs, and a site that stimulates them to engage and learn in various ways.

We also work with our Local Authority to support the speech, language and communication needs that are associated with our pupils’ SEMH needs - hoping that we will teach our children to be able to tell us how they feel, understand others’ perspectives and relearn how to manage themselves and their actions when their emotions feel overwhelming.

A fair proportion of our school body joins us at Year 6 and stays with us till Year 11, but we also take in-year admissions in partnership with our Local Authority (Surrey County Council), working to make these transitions as smooth as can be.

We look forward to building more partnerships with our parents and families, within our local community and with borough and county educational services, so that our pupils can make the most of their school years.

We are excited about the future for our school!