Executive Principal Welcome Message

Gareth Howells - Executive Principal

It is an incredible honour to be trusted with the responsibility of leading Newlands Academy and Wishmore Cross Academy and ensuring an inspiring educational experience is provided for the young people who attend. I have always believed that all students in my care deserve to be provided with an exciting, broad and rigorous education that will support them to choose a Remarkable Life. Across both schools the values we develop in our young people to be unusually brave, discover what’s possible, push the limits and be big-hearted can be witnessed through a wide range of experiences they encounter whether inside or outside the classroom.

I began my teaching journey in South Wales and was able to witness the incredible power of making sure that all young people had access to the same opportunities as their peers across the country when I trained a team to debate. These young people were exposed to a world they had never experienced before and quickly excelled. As a result of this experience all the young people I coached went on to study at either Oxford or Cambridge University.

The reason I reflect upon this story is that I believe all young people, no matter their background, can achieve remarkable things in their lives. It is my job to ensure that not only do I provide the young people in my care with a balanced curriculum and outstanding lessons but ensure the door is always open to new and diverse opportunities that could positively change their lives forever.

I look forward to working with you and leading the exciting schools we will build together.

Mr G Howells

Executive Principal

Newlands Academy & Wishmore Cross Academy