SMILE Wellbeing Campaign

The aim of this initiative is to:

  • Signpost students and staff to where help and advice can be found

  • Model respectful behaviour towards each other

  • Improve the wellbeing of students and staff at Winton

  • Learn to empathise and be supportive of those in need of help

  • Encourage students and staff to talk about their issues without fear of being judged

SMILE Postbox

As part of Winton's Smile campaign to improve the wellbeing of our community our Smile Reps came up with the idea of having a Smile Post Box.

The purpose of this is to allow students to post either their worries into the box if they find it hard to speak directly with someone, and the other option is to post a Thank You to anyone they wish to thank, whether it be a member of staff or another student. We are hoping that the receipt of these will brighten someone's day.

The box will be unlocked once a week when the Thank You's will be distributed and the Worries will be addressed.

Our Team:

Mrs C Milnes

Mrs J Sebon

Maddie P - Peer Support Prefect

Lucy M - Smile Student Leader

As well as the team we will also have a group of Student SMILE Representatives who will meet with us regularly to discuss current issues and how we can make positive changes to the wellbeing of staff and students.

SMILE Patrol

What is SMILE Patrol?

What is OurSpace?

SMILE Reps will be going around the school checking on students' wellbeing. If they feel that any student looks troubled they will offer to help. If the SMILE Reps can't sort out the problem they will refer them to the Welfare team.

OurSpace is Winton's diversity support group. We currently hold this group every Thursday after school, and everyone is welcome.

As a group, OurSpace is student lead with the Student Welfare team facilitating. The aim of the group is to create a safe, relaxing environment, where students can speak openly, free from any prejudices and judgement. We hope to create a sense of belonging and community, and to assist students on the journey of self discovery, as well as supporting their wellbeing. We aim to regularly have visitors to speak to the students on diversity issues, and we also do lots of varied activities such as dance sessions, crafts, cookie decorating and games

Young Carers

At Winton we have almost 100 students in our community that are Young Carers. Many of our Young Carers help out at home with household tasks, but the most important role for a Young Carer is to support their family emotionally and mentally. A fairly common example is a parent with a mental health illness or a sibling has a learning disability.

We recognise that being a Young Carer can affect a student's well being due to their extra responsibilities so to this end we work very closely with the local charity Andover Young Carers (AYC). In conjunction with AYC we run a lunchtime drop-in once a week for all our Young Carers, and where the Young Carer has a full referral they are also able to attend AYC's after school clubs and they also benefit from being able to go on trips with other Young Carers from the Andover area. We were lucky enough to win an award from the children's Society recently for our work for Young Carers throughout the pandemic.

As a school community we aim to try and identify all our Young Carers. Many remain undetected as they often don't realise that they are a Young Carer. We now have a core group of Young Carer Ambassadors who volunteer to visit students to raise awareness and to speak about their own experiences. We have even designed our own badge so that they can be easily identified as an Ambassador. Our Ambassadors are all keen to raise money for AYC through fun events at school, and so far we have organised a charity staff haircut, and make over. We have some more ideas in the pipeline for further fundraising activities, so watch this space!

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