Headteacher's Welcome

High expectations and high aspirations for all

Winton has many strengths and people who visit are always impressed with our outstanding students, excellent facilities and calm purposeful learning environment.

Winton aims to provide an outstanding education for all of the local children. What we want is an outstanding Andover education system for Andover children. The vision needs to be that all three phases of education in Andover are all excellent. Winton is very much at the centre of this vision.

Our priority is ensuring there is good teaching and learning in every classroom every day. The most important part of any school is the quality of the teaching. When walking around the corridors at Winton you will see students engaged in their learning, being challenged to think. The expectation is to have a positive mind set, an 'I can...' attitude to their learning. Rather than thinking I can't do this students are encouraged to think 'I can't do this...yet'. Classrooms are positive because of the positive relationships between students and teaching staff. Expectations are high, with regular and meaningful homework and innovative and engaging classwork which embraces new ideas and new technologies. There is an enormous amount of engaging and inspiring teaching across the academy and I am inspired on a daily basis by what I see in classrooms. Winton also has an excellent pastoral care and support system. Both work together to ensure academic excellence can be achieved at the same time as excellent pastoral care.

Winton is very proud of its students, the student prefect team have a key role in driving forward innovative change. Our extra curricular programme is exceptional and gives incredible opportunities across a wide range of subjects. All students are encouraged to explore the possibilities for study at college and university. I am very proud that Winton is a happy place where students and teachers enjoy working together.

Mr N Thomas