Behaviour Policy

Behaviour and Discipline – Success built on high expectations

Behaviour has improved significantly at Winton and we pride ourselves in the expectations we have and how the students lead on how they are maintained. Our behaviour and standards are very simple. They are based on high expectations, by and of everyone.

We base our work on the principles of ‘I can’ and ‘I will’

‘I can’ is how we focus our teaching to ensure the learning explores what is possible and challenges students to go beyond.

Students who both meet and exceed our high expectations will be rewarded through;

· Verbal Praise

· Merits

· Certifciates

· Badges

· House awards

· School Awards

· Sports colours

· Headteacher Awards

· Celebration Assemblies

· Personalised prizes – a system that targets the reward to challenge the student to achieve significant personal progress.

· The Winton book of personal triumph

Students who do not meet the expectations have very simple procedures to follow.

In class staff will manage student behaviour to ensure expectations are maintained. They may, where appropriate detain students at lunch, demerit or place them in an after school detention. This can be further supported by the Head of department who in turn may place further sanctions, meet with the student or students with parents as they see fit. This is all recorded by staff on the record for each child.

Where a student has still decided not to meet expectations staff will be supported by senior colleagues and where appropriate a student can be sent ‘on call’. This may lead to a range of actions depending on each case but where a child is subject to on call they should expect a 90minute detention on the following Friday.

All behaviour outside of class will be dealt with by the duty member of SLT within 24 hours.

Mobile Phone Use

This is a very particular issue for every school. Mobile phones should be at the bottom of bags and turned off at all times. They remain the responsibility of students at all times. Where a phone is used by a student during the day it will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day. This carries a mandatory 90minute sanction. Where repeat offenders do not change behaviour parents will be asked to collect the phones.


Students must attend in uniform. Any students not in uniform will be asked to return home to change. Where this is not appropriate arrangements will be made by the child’s tutor to ensure they are in uniform. If there are any financial concerns regarding uniform we would ask parents to liaise with the school office as we may be able to support those most in need.

Students who refuse to meet the school uniform code will be challenged.

On all matters, where appropriate we will contact parents by either text, phone or email.

Where a student continually challenges the expectations of the school further action will be taken.