Bank of Westerings

February 2018 saw the introduction of Westerings' very own bank and school shop! This exciting new financial reward system is exciting pupils and teaching them about financial responsibility...

A new exciting opportunity for Westerings pupils!

Pupils leave Westerings having experienced a range of opportunities to develop their financial awareness. In KS2, pupils also partake in a trip to MetroBank to see a real bank in action. To further support financial education at Westerings, we are considering a bold, new and exciting approach...

How it will work

• Pupils can earn currency through exceptionally good work and achievements in school. If pupils represent the school, carry out special duties (e.g. School council, digital leaders etc.) or achieve something extra special (e.g. 100% attendance each term) then they will be awarded currency.

• Currency can be saved in the bank for a future purchase, or spent at regular intervals in our shop. The more that pupils save, the bigger and better the purchases can be! We will give pupils interest on their bank deposits so that the more they save, the more they can eventually spend!

• Pupils will manage the banking of pupil currency and the selling of shop items. We have already interviewed and appointed our stop and bank staff! Teaching staff will deliver lessons about the benefits of saving money, earning interest and financial responsibility.

• At the end of each term, Dojos can be converted into currency at an agreed rate (TBC). This will encourage pupils to continue earning Dojos for the smaller, everyday achievements in class.


Initially, the Bank and Shop are both open on Monday/Wednesday lunchtimes.

Just added - Around £100 of stock added! Check out the items in our cabinets this month!

Our currency:

The NutNote (named by a year six pupil) is our Westerings currency. Equivalent to around 10p, a NutNote ('NN' - for short) can be exchanged for gifts, toys, stationery or VIP passes at our NutMarket. Or, they can be banked. If pupils choose to bank their currency, then the Bank Of Westerings will add interest each term.

The current interest rate is 10%!