Many children come to the academy by car. The front of the academy is a very busy area at the beginning and end of the day; this can be very dangerous for children arriving and leaving the academy. Please do not park on the zigzag lines as this is illegal, or obstruct the academy entrance. We want our academy to be safe for all our children and parents/carers.

Parents/Carers are asked not to bring their cars into the academy grounds at the beginning or end of the day, without special permission having been granted from the Principal. A limited number of Parents/Carers can be authorised to park in the visitor’s parking spaces. Criteria to park in this area will be judged on the individual child and Parent/Carer’s needs.

We encourage pupils to make healthy lifestyle choices. Please consider this when choosing how to come to school each day, as even the shortest of walks on a regular basis can be beneficial to a child's health. Pupils also learn from their parents how to be safe near roads when walking to school...

Please see our Travel and Parking Plan to see how we are constantly monitoring the safety of our academy community as well as hoping to minimise disruption from school traffic to local residents.